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Below find some websites I created and the costs. This should give you an idea of what can be done at the rate of $35 an hour. 

Pamper Me Nursery

PMN thumbnail.png

6-page website with 1 popup and  a Facebook Feed: $576
Does not include cost of hosting and domain registration.
I also helped design the logo, created a  social media cover image, designed an ad, and provided strategy recommendations.

La Keisha's Review:

Working with Tidmore Communications is always a pleasure! Ms. Tina is very thorough, professional, and passionate about making sure she understands the vision you have for your company and the look of your website. We are very happy. 

Ebenezer Stone Jewelry

Ebenezer Stone for Tidcom website.png

7-page eCommerce website with 7 product collections (categories): $592.00
Does not include cost of hosting and domain registration.
I also trained her on how to edit images so she can manage the products. I also proofread and copy edited the text.

Julia's Review:

Tina has helped me a great deal with the redesigning of my website and also gave me files on which fonts and colors she used so that I am able to do some of the work myself. She is very good at communicating and following up. I highly recommend Tina.

Explainable AI Consultant

Explainable website.PNG

4-page site redesign with glossary popups and gifs: $1,046
Does not include cost of hosting and domain registration.
I also provided copy editing help, logo design, and social media icon redesign. Currently managed by the client.

William's review:

Working with Tina was a pleasure. She is professional,  knowledgeable, and makes sure she understands your vision. I am happy I had the opportunity to work with Tina. 

Bibb Septic in Alabama

Bibb Septic screen shot.png

7-page business website with Spanish translation: $823.00
Does not include cost of hosting and domain registration.
I also assisted in rebranding the Facebook page, put in basic SEO on the website, and I manage the Google My Business account.

Phillip's review

Tina did an excellent job. She was upfront with me on everything and did the work in a timely manner. Her charges were also very affordable. 


A bill for hours worked in a month will be sent to you around the 1st of the following month. Payment is due within 21 days.

terms options

If you set a monthly or project budget, I'll accomplish a list of agreed priorities at $35 an hour until the budgeted amount is met.

Without a budget, I can send you weekly updates on hours worked and the accumulated cost.

I do not offer set project prices. But I can give an estimated range of the cost. You can stop me at any time. This gives us the flexibility of doing what's needed during the project work without having to do a new round of negotiations. It also provides a true-to-time cost (pay for actual time worked), and you stay in control.

is $35 an hour a good rate?

My specialty is website design. The rates freelance website designers charge range from $30 to $80 an hour. However, I also offer other communications services, so you get varied expertise from one person at the same rate. Let's keep it simple.

According to a FreshBooks December, 2019 article:

cost of designer.png
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